I spent my life

Building a mountain of the blues

The music pours out of me

From my Strat right down to my shoes


When I up and squeeze the strings

It's like going from winter to spring

And I like to sing the Luther Johnson thing.


I come from Mississippi 

Itta Bena was my hometown

We moved to Chicago

Driving 600 miles through hundreds of towns

I worked with Magic Sam

And joined the Muddy Waters band

And I made the guitar sing in my hands.




People come to see me when they're feeling sad

I comfort them, and it makes them feel glad

The blues ain't easy but at least it's real

It's all about how the people feel.


2. WESTERLY SUNDAY NIGHT © by Peter Ward  


Well, I just worked a 66-hour week

But I ain't got time to be tired

It's Sunday in Westerly 

I can sleep plenty when I die. WHOA.....


I'm gonna drive down to Pier Dry Cleaners

Pick up my shark suit shiny as tin

I'm gonna stop at the Ocean State liquor store

Cause my flask is empty of gin.

You know I'm gonna do it up right

'Cause it’s a Westerly Sunday night.


Verse 2

I'm headed to the Knickerbocker

They got some pretty women in there

I'm gonna play it cool, not get ahead of myself

Don't want them to think I'm square. WHOA!!


I'm give my Pontiac a real good shine

And leave the gas gauge empty on E

Yeah, I know it's the oldest trick in the book

But hell, it's always works for me

You know I'm gonna do it up right

'Cause it's a Westerly Sunday night



I don’t care too much for Mondays

Tuesdays are pretty damned blue

Wednesday the week's half over

Thursday got lots of work to do

Friday. Saturday. Sunday just me and you


I'll be taking my girl to Misquamicut Beach

They got a water park out there.

Gonna cow down  at the Cooked Goose

Then walk it off in Dixon House Square WHOA...!


I'm going back to the Knick

See Duke and Roomful of Blues

I seen the TBirds there, Johnny Nicholas

Sugar Ray and the Bluetones too

You know I'm gonna do it up right

'Cause it's a Westerly Sunday night.



I saw you last night

You were driving away in tears

He went back into the dance

And he acted so cavalier



I want you to know.

If the stars realign.

And our lives should intertwine

Things will be better                        

When you are mine


V2. I saw you downtown; He shouted at you

That is something I'd never never do

Chorus: "I want you know ..."




Move to a place where love can find you

Without awareness you can't get in 

But if you can accept my love 

A whole new world will begin  


Verse 3  

It's hard to believe Now that you are free

You took off the shackles, and you came back to me.



4. TRAIN to KEY BISCAYNE  ©     by Peter Ward   

Gonna take me a train  

Got to get to Key Biscayne

I'd rather ride on the rails 

Than take a plane or set my sails

Pretty soon I'll see my woman  

Been so long since I saw Jane.


Along the way I'll kill some time 

Read the paper, drink some wine

Take a catnap, fall asleep 

The dreams I dream they go so deep

The train is now slowing down 

My love for Jane is unbound




Leisure City, Princeton and Goulds

So many stations, railway jewels

Glenvar Heights, Palmetto Bay 

In the dark of night the engine finds its way

In the wee wee hours we ease into Key Biscayne



I got to get back on that train

Because I'm leaving Key Biscayne

I'll ride the rail until the end

Then I'll look up my old friend

The train is rolling down the track

I never know when I'll be back

5. I SAW YOUR HOME ©   by Peter Ward           Key: C


Verse 1


We drove all night to Mobile to see your old neighborhood

You told me you were dirt poor but I think I misunderstood 

We pulled up to a paint-less shack and then you laughed

I asked you why and you said your family only lived in one half


Verse 2

Your father walked out on you and kicked your toys across the floor

You cried out to him as he slammed the house's only door

His truck took off and left your mother in a swirl of dust

His leaving broke you down just like hard steel crumbles into rust



I saw your home

I saw your home 

And I know you felt all alone

I saw your home



The past always presses down hard on your shoulders

The pain of growing up fades at we get older


Verse 3…

Your choice in men was tainted by the father you never knew

When it came to love, sex and affection I think you were confused

If you bestow your trust in me I'll back you up

I'll prove to you that you deserve unqualified love




6. BLUES ELIXIR © by Peter Ward   Key: A


I woke up this morning

In a foul mood 

Had lots of gin last night and greasy Chinese food 


I need a blues elixir

I need a blue elixir

When you got a problem 

Man, that'll really fix 'er.


Two and Two is four

Nine and one makes ten.

You'll catch a piece of happiness

When you let the music in


People go about their business

Often feeling wrong

If they stopped they'd realize 

The music makes them strong


They need a blues elixir

They need a blues elixir

If they got a problem 

Man, that'll really fix 'er.


(7 is "SUPPOSEDLY, an instrumental in key of D) 




Change, change ain't doing me no good

I say change, change ain't doing me no good

If I could go back in time

Lord knows I would


I met a good-looking woman

Played bass in a country band

We fell in love and she took my wedding band

Before long she grew angry, she and wanted another life

So I watched as my happiness turned to a world of strife


I say change, change ain't doing me no good

If I could go back in time

Lord knows I would


9. AS LONG AS I HAVE A CHANCE ©  by Peter Ward


I would crawl through a ring of fire

I would climb the tallest spire

As long as I have a chance to romance you


I would swim across the sea

Fighting off sharks and piracy

As long as I have a chance to romance you




You're much more than the apple of my eye

In fact you're the blossom, the tree, the orchard, 

The whole damned pie

I would parachute from a plane

Land on top of a moving train

As long as I have a chance to romance you.



I would climb the Eiffel Tower

I's walk across a tightrope wire

As long as I have a chance to romance you


10. COFFEE SONG ©  by Peter Ward


Baby, bring my coffee

Don't forget the cream

Toast and jam and put it all on a pretty tray

Then when you get here I'll have everything I need


Hey baby, yeah I'll fetch your corn flakes

I know you like Maypo too

I brought you honey, honey, and lots and lots of brown sugar

If I mix them all together they're still not as sweet as you


We go so good together like sugar and cream

Mornings like this are beautiful

An ethereal dream

We don't mind serving each other

The means justify the ends

Love is accommodation 

We're not only lover we're the best of friends


Baby bring my hotcakes

And hey, don't forget the maple syrup, too

Yeah I'll go get a big ol' slab of butter, yeah butter

It's breakfast in bed, lots of crumbs, and me and you




11. Something Always Slows Me Down © by Peter Ward


I was waiting at a red light

Trying to reach my baby cross town  (2)

Every time I go to see her

Something always slows me down.


I planned to see her early this morning

But my alarm clock never rang (2)

I got a pet parakeet

He was sleeping too and he never sang


I saw an ambulance behind me

So I pulled to the side of the road (2)

Every time I go to see her, my well done overflows.


The workers on the highway they put up a detour sign (2)

I can't wait to see Ludella, man that woman is fine.

(12th song is ANTHONY'S SON, an instrumental.) 











"..splashes of electricity like lightning.."

"Plays a chunky rhythmic guitar with splashes of electricity like lightning when he solos throughout . Highly recommended."  — Mike Greenblatt's Rant 'N' Roll

"MAGICAL" — BenVee Roadhouse Blues

"On his second solo musical foray, Peter Ward has simply outdone himself!  The album is well produced and performed; it is entertainment at its finest ...

"All the songs on the album were written by Peter and the mental images he creates with the lyrics and music are magical."

BenVee Roadhouse Blues 

"This is blues that is as real as it gets!"

"A great man once opined that 'the blues ain’t easy, but at least it’s real.'  Fans, with Peter Ward and Train To Key Biscayne, this is blues that is as real as it gets!  Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

"There is joy in this recording"— Fervor Coulee

"A lot of musical territory covered here."

"Peter Ward’s Train To Key Biscayne is a trip in the best sense. There’s a lot of musical territory covered and each stop along the way on this follow-up to his 2017 release (Blues on My Shoulders) is a rewarding discovery.  ... Peter Ward wrote all twelve of the original blues, ballads and rock tracks that fill this satisfying album."

— Parcbench Live

Peter Hi-Fi Ward


"Killer disk!" (Blues on My Shoulders) WBRS-FM

[About Blues on MY Shoulders]: "Warm, winning stuff from a white boy with the blues that's been slinging his guitar for 40 years as a sideman and now steps out in to the light. ... This is one sweetie of an after-hours set that brings the blues without bringing you down. Contemporary while being traditional, this is a set that'll get you paying attention and not wanting to miss a beat" —  Midwest Record of Chicago. 



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"Wholeheartedly recommended"

"A veritable super session" — Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly, New Jersey.